Why are we different?

It can be difficult for the ordinary person know the difference in the quality of family law advice they get from counsel. There aren’t any real standards that can guide people on how to judge the kind of service they get from lawyers. Fortunately, several things set us apart from other firms that also specialize in divorce and child custody cases.

A Unique Case Management System

We actively seek to find solutions for your divorce or child custody case. We realize that a high conflict case is very stressful for the parties involved and can be damaging to the children. Sometimes parties are not able to resolve their conflict out of Court. We are your strongest advocates if your case must go to Court. However, most cases can be resolved without going to Court and we work hard to settle your case whenever possible.

We believe in keeping the client informed about their case. We are available to personally speak with you about your case and make sure that you are included on our emails to the other party. We provide you with copies of all documents that are filed with the Court. We will provide you with clear direction as to what to expect and will make sure that you are involved in making decisions about your case.

 Experience and Knowledge

The attorneys of our firm earned their places at the top by simply being the best at what they do. You can be confident that your case will be handled with competence and efficiency. Our divorce and child custody lawyers rely on their collective experience and research to stay a step ahead and provide legal advice that allows clients the best chance of a favorable resolution to their case.

Get the benefit of having the compassion and skills of legal experts on your side by contacting us at your most convenient time and see the family law difference for yourself.

Our Unique Case Management System
Our Partner’s Philosophy, Commitment and Background
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