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Overcoming parental alienation

Research shows that more than 13% of divorced or separated parents feel alienated from one or more of their children due to the behavior or influence of their ex.1 Known as parental alienation, this phenomenon usually occurs in high-conflict situations such as contested divorces when one parent sours their child’s relationship with the other parent. […]

Why you should consider a postnuptial agreement

In a fragile economic climate, it is particularly wise to consider what protection you can put in place to guard against unforeseen circumstances that could have a dramatic impact on your personal finances. While taking out medical insurance policies and finding ways to reduce grocery bills can be helpful, one consideration that is available to […]

When unmarried parents separate: What you should know about parental responsibility

Parental responsibility is an area that is made more complicated when parents are unmarried, and this is especially true when they separate. Without a divorce, there is no legal requirement to officially record their parental responsibilities, child support payments and visitation schedules, so it is up to the separating couple to find an amicable solution […]

Common causes for divorce and preventive remedies for couples

Divorce is a complex and emotionally charged process, with reasons for ending a marriage as varied as the couples themselves. In Colorado, there is only one “official” reason for divorce – that the marriage be “irretrievably broken”. 1  But there are common themes that often lead to divorce. Here, we delve into the common causes […]

Estate Planning Under 40: Why to Secure Your Future Today

As a young professional, you might be focused on building your career, paying off student loans, or saving for a first home. While these are important milestones, there’s another crucial aspect that often gets overlooked or that people younger than 40 think they aren’t ready for yet: estate planning.  Despite popular belief, estate planning isn’t […]

Relocating with children: the law in Colorado

Child custody is a contentious topic that arises in many Colorado divorce cases, and the possibility of one parent relocating with children is one aspect that is particularly contentious. While the law previously allowed parents to move at will, even when the other parent was opposed to the move, a relatively recent update now places […]

How to futureproof your assets in blended families

Blended families are becoming increasingly common as second and subsequent marriages often bring children from previous relationships with them. While blended families often operate seamlessly, they also may attract several legal complications that, unless they are addressed early through estate planning, could lead to resentment and disappointment later. Colorado is an equitable distribution state, which […]

5 Reasons to Consider a Female Divorce Attorney

When facing the prospect of a divorce, you need an attorney who will strongly advocate for you, help you to understand the complicated process you must go through, and help you to stay strong in the face of adversity. Choosing the right divorce attorney can be difficult, but it is essential that you choose someone […]

Differences between estate lawyers, trust lawyers, and probate lawyers

There are many occasions in life when legal expertise is invaluable. One example is estate planning, when an individual may wish to write their will, establish a trust, or handle probate proceedings after the death of a loved one. These situations tend to be emotionally sensitive, and having a compassionate legal professional by your side can help you to understand […]

What Does An Estate Planning Lawyer Do?

Many people are unaware of the complexities involved in safeguarding their assets and property and in ensuring that their wishes are carried out after their death. Estate planning is therefore a crucial legal service that ensures that wealth, assets and property are distributed in accordance with a deceased’s wishes.  What is involved in estate planning?   Estate planning is a comprehensive process that […]