Comprehensive Denver Therapist Resources

Colorado Family Law For Marriage and Family Therapists

Lewis & Matthews has always had a strong commitment to helping clients in every possible way, including non-technical issues. This is why we believe that the assistance of a skilled therapist can make the key difference in removing obstacles to good decision-making in a client’s case.

A divorce is a traumatic experience, which can compromise a client’s better judgment. This is the reason we developed a system of resources that can help therapists better understand what the clients are going through. Our goal is to give therapists the tools they need to guide clients in arriving at a decision with a clear head.

A Quick Therapist Course on Family Law

Our Managing Partner, Jennifer Lewis, continues to work with the Colorado Association of Marriage and Family Therapists to pioneer the creation of new therapist resources to support coordinated care during the divorce process.

We developed a course to train therapists on the basis of family law. The course title is “Colorado Divorce and Custody Law for Therapists (everything you need to know to support your client through the Colorado divorce process)”. The course covers issues, such as divorce procedure, and the emotions therapists can expect along the way.

Pioneering Consent

The second step is the creation of a consent form that allows clients to grant their therapist and attorney permission to coordinate without losing attorney/client or therapist/client privilege. This new therapist resource allows all parties to work better with each other toward the shared goal of helping the client.

This article explains the use of the Coordinated Care Permission Form (PDF) and the type of relationship between attorney and therapist it allows for and does not allow for. Knowing where everyone else stands is important before attorneys and therapists can work together to help a client. Tripping up on a technicality will only lead to a lengthier process for everyone involved, and cause even more stress for the client.

Take the Course

We have held our therapist course a number of times in 2008 through CAMFT and intend to continue to provide it to therapist groups that make the request. We believe that it’s always better to have more people with the capability to help clients move through the complex emotions that a divorce can bring. Work with us to grant peace of mind to the people who need it the most.

Please feel to call or ask Jennifer any questions you might have about our course for therapist resources or Attorney/Therapist coordinated care and how to set it up. Don’t forget to explore the rest of our website to get more information regarding the other services we offer our clients. Our family lawyers can assist you in almost every aspect of the law, which includes situations that extend well beyond the conclusion of a case.