3 Reasons you May Want to Modify Your Child Custody Agreement

You can modify an existing child custody agreement, depending on the circumstances. There are a few reasons why someone would modify a custody agreement. One reason would be just a change in age of the children. When children get older, given their age and maturity level they can spend more time with the parent than they had in the past. They are at different developmental ages and it might be really good for them to be with one parent or the other depending on the point in their let say adolescent development.

Another reason to modify would be if there is a problem at the other house. For instance, a lot of people do 50-50 custody these days and when it is done well it’s fabulous and when it is not done well it’s damaging. We have a lot of cases where people come back and they’ve said, “Well, we will do a 50-50 and I feel like it’s really just not working.” Mostly what they tell me about is the children aren’t doing well in school, their children aren’t getting the same sort of discipline in one household as the other household, or perhaps there is some negligence going on in one household either physically or dietary.

signign a child custody agreement

Another thing that comes up a lot is that the kids are on medication of some sort. One parent has agreed with those medications, the other parent doesn’t believe in the medications. Health reasons, psychological reasons, and just well being reasons are all issues that I have heard of being a problem in a 50-50 custody arrangement. Any of these may be a reason to go in for modification.

Another reason to go in for modification might be relocation. I have a whole separate video on relocation you can look at if this something you are experiencing. Occasionally one parent has to relocate because their job, and let’s just say they have to move out of state. Well the current parenting plan isn’t going to work if one parent moves out of state and depending on whether they are primary parent, have a 50-50 custody arrangement, or if a parent has visitation but it’s less than 50%. All those different situations would require different kinds of changes to the custody arrangement if that parent is moving out of state. That might be another reason why custody needs to be modified.

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