5 Reasons to Consider a Female Divorce Attorney

When facing the prospect of a divorce, you need an attorney who will strongly advocate for you, help you to understand the complicated process you must go through, and help you to stay strong in the face of adversity.

Choosing the right divorce attorney can be difficult, but it is essential that you choose someone you have a good rapport with because they will be by your side, navigating a stressful situation with you and helping you to achieve a positive outcome. You will need to trust their judgment and accept their advice in the spirit in which it is offered.

Should your advocate be a man or a woman? There are several persuasive reasons to choose a female divorce attorney. Here is a look at the top five reasons so many people facing divorce opt for a female lawyer to represent them.

1. Empathy and understanding

A female divorce attorney is often preferred by women because many women report that they feel more at ease discussing their marital situation with another woman. They may also believe that they are more likely to understand and empathize with their point of view.

Likewise, men report that they often opt for female divorce attorneys because they believe that they can provide a valuable insight into their spouse’s perspective, helping them to form convincing arguments and find mutually acceptable areas of compromise.

2. Tailored advice and representation

Women are often financially disadvantaged when seeking appropriate spousal support and division of assets in a divorce [1]. A female divorce attorney is likely familiar with these challenges and other gender-specific legal issues and is therefore well placed to fight hard for her client’s rights to fairness and equality.

They can also provide tailored support to ensure that a custody outcome is agreed on that prioritizes the needs of the children and satisfies the desires of the mother to ensure a supportive and nurturing environment for them.

3. Sensitivity to family dynamics

Divorce is a process that can have a profound emotional impact on all parties involved, from the divorcing couple to their children, parents and other family members. Grandparents may worry about the impact a divorce will have on their relationship with their grandchildren, and close family members may have to help with childcare responsibilities during their relative’s custody period [2].

A female divorce attorney understands the far-ranging consequences that divorce has on a family unit and will do their best to preserve family relationships while advocating strongly for their client’s best interests. They will work hard to arrive at mutually acceptable outcomes that protect family bonds and start a new chapter in their client’s life.

4. Constructive communication

A female divorce attorney will usually possess very strong communication and negotiation skills, which will place them in a good position to achieve a favorable outcome in a divorce settlement. They are typically very good at building productive relationships with their clients and other professionals with whom they come into contact, enabling them to engage in constructive dialogue and identify mutually acceptable solutions.

Female lawyers tend to encourage engagement, allowing all parties to be involved in discussions and facilitating open and honest dialog. In doing so, they are often able to arrive at solutions in cases where there might otherwise only be disagreement and strife.

5. Empowerment

Divorce is a deeply personal event, and clients generally prefer that nobody else knows the full extent of the reasons they can no longer be together with their spouse. All divorce attorneys will need to know the circumstances of the divorce in order to help their clients arrive at an acceptable outcome, but a female divorce attorney will usually go beyond understanding to empower their client to embrace that outcome.

By providing professional advice and guidance and offering support and encouragement, a female divorce attorney can help their client to become the master of their own destiny, make sensible life choices, accept appropriate compromises and grow in confidence as they navigate what can be a traumatic life experience for many people. By empowering their clients in this way, they can emerge stronger and more resilient after their divorce, ready to start the next chapter in their lives.

Looking for a female divorce attorney? We’re here to help

There are many ways a female divorce attorney could positively impact the outcome of your divorce settlement. At Lewis & Matthews, P.C., we are passionate advocates of female lawyers and believe that their unique approach to divorce cases sets them apart. To find out more or to discuss your case with one of our female divorce attorneys, please contact us today.


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