Can I Go Back To My Maiden Name After My Divorce Is Final?

The actual answer to that is no. Once the decree of dissolution of marriage is entered, and you did not change your name, you can’t. The only way that you can change your name moving forward, is to file a separate action for a name change, and that is a pain (to be honest with you). You have to get fingerprinted, file a separate petition and make sure that notice is given. If you think that you want a name change, it’s important to get that in the decree of dissolution of marriage, otherwise it is separate legal proceeding, and there are costs associated with that. Many people, many women do not want to change their name because they want to have the same last name as their child, and that’s understandable that she would want to have that consistency. However,  after the decree is entered, it becomes a real hassle to change your name, so give it some serious thought, moving forward.