Can I Get Divorced in Colorado if I Was Married Somewhere Else?

The answer to that question is yes, and the answer to that question is it depends on the circumstances. Let’s just say you were married in the state of Colorado, and you moved, and you’ve been gone for two years, and you live in Tennessee. You can certainly get divorced in Tennessee. There’s absolutely no reason why you would have to get divorced in Colorado.

Map of United States with Colorado marked in red
Colorado map

However, if you are in Colorado and you have started your divorce process in Colorado and finish your divorce, let’s just say, in Colorado and then you move out of state, but you spouse stays in Colorado, if you wanted to modify your situation, let’s say parenting time, you’re going to have to do that in Colorado. Because your divorce was done in Colorado, still one of the spouses still lives in Colorado, and you’re probably still going to have to use Colorado as your state even though you moved away.

There are circumstances under which you can just move to another state and circumstances you can’t. The fact that you were married in Colorado isn’t really the issue. The issue is where did the divorce or child custody matter start? That is relevant, but not so much where you were married actually.