When Do Children Become Emancipated?

In Colorado, child support goes until the child turns 19. So for at least for child support purposes, a child is emancipated when the child turns 19. In many instances, a child would have graduated from high school and might even attending college, but still, there will be a child support order. Child support can continue past the age of 19 if there are certain unique factors. One if a disability of the child that makes continuation of the child support order in the child’s best interest. But typically, once a child turns 19, that child support order would drop off, and there would be no more child support for that child. In Colorado, we don’t require a parent to pay for post-secondary education. That is something you can voluntary agree to do with your ex and put in your parenting plan that you will pay for college, but it’s not something that the court can force you to do. So for all intents and purposes, child support does drop off when the child turns 19.