When Is Divorce Mediation An Option?

Divorce mediation is an option in almost every case unless there happens to be a history of domestic violence or civil protection order for example. At the initial status conference, the court will order mediation in almost every case and that is an excellent way to resolve your situation. Mediation is cost effective, it is a way for you and your ex to sit down with a neutral 3rd party in an attempt to hammer out a deal that you both can live with. You can mediate custody issues and you can also mediate financial issues such as division of property in debt. So meditation is a great idea, it is a very effective way of resolving cases and we will be happy to help you prepare for mediation. We don’t actually mediate as mediators, what we do is we support the client and preparing for and going to mediation. I would accompany my client to mediation and attempt to help him or her work out an agreement that everyone can live with. So it’s a very effective way to resolve your case, and I would be happy to sit down to talk about mediation strategies moving forward.