Does Lewis and Matthews Work on a Variety of Family Law Cases?

Lewis & Matthews specializes in a wide variety of family law cases. Family law cases are generally divided by two types. The first type is basically pre-decree or pre-permanent orders. Examples of those types of cases would be dissolution of marriage, allocation of parenteral responsibilities, paternity cases. Those are the major categories.

Then, you have situations where a decree or final order has been entered and you are needing to do a modification. For example, you have a decree of dissolution of marriage in which you have established child support or spousal support and you need to do a modification because circumstances have changed, facts have changed. Those are considered post-decree cases. We specialize in handling those types of cases well. Another example would be you have an allocation of parenteral responsibilities cases, and you need to do a change concerning your parenting time arrangement. That is a post-permanent orders modification, and we handle those as well.

We also handle preparation of what are commonly called as postnup and prenuptial agreements. Those agreements are contracts between parties who are either contemplating marriage and want to establish their rights going into the marriage or parties who have already become married and they want to define their rights after the marriage. We handle premarital agreements, which are postnuptial agreements and premarital agreements.

In addition, we do other types of coaching for life events that may be coming up. For example, you may be unhappy with your present situation, but you’re not ready to move forward, so we do divorce coaching and we give you advice regarding how to get from where you’re at to where you want to go.