Does Something Specific Need to Happen Before I can get a Divorce?

If you’re asking that question, you don’t know yet that this is a no-fault divorce state, so grounds don’t exist here. Pretty much, if you want to get a divorce in the State of Colorado, you can get a divorce in the State of Colorado. Your spouse doesn’t have to agree to it, they don’t have to like it, you don’t have to find grounds … none of that occurs here, so if you’re ready to get a divorce, you can.

Don’t worry about it. We’re happy to talk to you about what it takes to make that happen and what the consequences are for you, but in terms of whether it can happen or not, that’s pretty much a done deal. You can get a divorce here in Colorado. If you need advice or guidance on taking this a step further, please contact us at (303) 329-3802.