What To Do If Your Ex Is In Violation Of The Parenting Plan

The first question to ask yourself is why is your ex is in violation of the parenting plan? Is there a specific reason why? Is it something that you could fix by having a dialogue with your ex? Does your parenting plan have a mediation provision? If it does, you might want to look and see if you could set up a mediation session and try and resolve any disputes that you might have. Otherwise, your options are enforcement actions against your ex for violating the parenting plan. Those enforcement options include a contempt proceeding. They also include a verified motion to enforce the parenting time order. In either instance, you may be entitled to your reasonable attorney’s fees for pursuing that motion. If you are concerned about your ex’s violation of the parenting plan, please give me a call at (303) 329-3802 to figure out what the best way for you to move forward.