What Are The First Steps I Should Take When Divorce Becomes Inevitable?

The first step that you should take is call my office and make an appointment to come in and see me. All you have to pay is for one hour of my time at $285. I will sit down with you. We will talk about your unique situation. We will talk about child support, if applicable. We will talk about maintenance. We will talk about division of assets. Get some legal advice. There’s no further obligation to us, if you decide to go elsewhere, or you ultimately reconcile. Go in and get some legal advice, so you know what your rights are. Other factors to consider are where are you going to live, and where is the other party going to live? Practical things. How are you going to pay to split up households? What is that going to look like? Is one of you going to move out of the marital residence? Are you both going to stay there under some sort of nesting arrangement?

Other factors to consider are how are you going to pay for your ongoing living expenses and liabilities? What is that going to look like? How are you going to pay for the mortgage? How are you going to make the minimum credit card payments? These are practical factors, but you have to think about if I’m separated from my spouse, what is that going to look like? Other factors to consider involve the children. If you’re going to separate, how are they going to get to school? How are they going to be picked up from school? Who’s going to watch the children when one or both of the parents needs to work? What is parenting time going to look like? How are their expenses going to be handled? Think about the children. What is in their best interest to help them through the process?

Other factors to consider involve gathering up important financial documents. If you think that divorce is inevitable, and you’re worried that financial documents are going to disappear, go ahead and gather those up. Make copies. Put them in a safe place, so that you have those because ultimately you’re going to need to complete financial disclosures, and you’re going to need that information. Other factors to consider when divorce becomes inevitable is your personal safety. Are you concerned about your personal safety? Is there a history of domestic violence? Perhaps you’ve never reported it, but it’s out there. How is your partner going to react, if you say you want a divorce? If you think you need a protection order, come in and see me. We will talk about that. Your personal safety is very important.

There’s a lot of moving parts. If you think divorce is inevitable, it’s important to get legal advice, even if you ultimately don’t need to use an attorney.