How Lewis & Matthews Takes a Unique Approach to Family Law Cases

What makes Lewis and Matthews different? Lewis and Matthews takes a holistic approach to family law. We think about the person, the family unit, the unique situation that you’re in, where you are now, and where you want to be moving forward. We try to be pro-active. We try to provide excellent customer service.

Many people are frustrated when they are going through this process, because they are having a stressful time and they don’t feel that their phone calls are being answered or the e-mails are being responded to. Here at Lewis and Matthews we try to respond to your phone calls and your e-mails no later than two business days. We try to be pro-active in responding to your needs and we also look forward. We look forward as to what’s happening in your case and we try to give you the heads up so that you know what to expect. We have case management meetings on a regular basis where we review your file with staff and we discuss what’s coming up, what do we need to do, what deadlines are approaching, and we get a game plan together.

We try to be in communication with you, let you know what’s going on with your situation. We try to give you practical advice. We realize that this is probably the worst point in your life and it’s very stressful and we do everything we can to minimize the stress for you. To help you feel empowered that you have some control over what’s happening and that you can get the best possible result.