How to Modify Child Support

What is the process for modifying child support in Colorado? First you have to evaluate whether or not there’s a situation where child support can be modified. In order to modify child support in Colorado you have to show that there is a substantial and continuing change in circumstances that results in a 10% change or more in the amount of child support due. The practical aspect of that is to determine whether something had changed that would change the amount of child support.

Child support is based upon a couple of different factors. One of the factors in the gross income of the parties. The other major factor is the parenting plan. How many overnights are both parents having with the children? That’s an important factor for considering modification of child support. So has the parenting plan changed are there a different number of overnights that are occurring or has there been a situation where somebody’s income has changed and if that’s the case it would be helpful to try and determine what the income is and go ahead and run child support worksheets to see if there is a 10% change.

You do have the option of contacting the child support enforcement division in the County where you reside in order to see whether or not they will assist you. They can do an informal review, they a can ask the other party to provide income information and they can do an informal review regarding whether or not child support can be modified.

Sometimes, however, that technique does not work and you need to get a private council involved. I handle quite a few child support modification proceeding. Often they are also done in connection with modification of parenting time. If yo think that you have a situation where child support should be modified, please give us a call, come in. We can sit down, run the child support worksheets and consider whether or not you have a basis to modify child support.