How Long Does A Child Custody Case Take In Colorado?

Part of that will depend if you are going through a divorce or if you filed a Petition for allocation of parental responsibilities. Another consideration is whether your case is a Motion to Modify Parenting Time or Child Support. If child custody is part of a dissolution of marriage case, then the dissolution of marriage must be pending for at least 91 days before the court will issue a decree. In other words, a divorce case has at least a 3-month waiting period before it can be finalized. However, you and the other parent may be able to agree on a parenting plan while your divorce case is pending. If that is the case, then you can ask the Court to approve your parenting plan. If your case involves paternity or allocation of parental responsibilities case, you can get those cases finalized quicker there is no waiting period.

How long your child custody case depends on whether you will be able to work out amicably an agreement, or whether you will need court involvement. If you will need to go to court, and have the judge decide your fate, that will extend how long it will take to resolve your case. Perhaps you need to have an expert witness appointed to evaluate custody. The Court can appoint a child and family investigator or order a parental responsibility evaluation. The involvement of Court appointed experts will add time and expense to your case. One option to consider is to hire an experienced child custody mediator to work out an agreement. Jennifer Lewis is an experienced child custody mediator who can help you reach a resolution. Give the practical and experienced child custody attorneys at Lewis & Matthews a call today to discuss your case.