Do we Have No-Fault Divorces in Colorado?

In Colorado we have no-fault divorces. In other words, you’re not required to have a reason to get a divorce in Colorado. You can get a divorce whether the other party wants a divorce or not – it doesn’t matter. Some states require fault. In other words, there has to be some reason that the state recognizes that’s a good enough reason to be able to get a divorce. In those states someone might be able to say “No, I won’t give you a divorce.” “No I’m putting my foot down. We aren’t getting a divorce.” Well, in those states that sometimes is the case, but here in Colorado it is not. We have a lot of, I guess you’d say, freedom or latitude in the area of divorce here and you’re really allowed to get a divorce if you want one. That’s why Colorado is considered a no-fault divorce state.

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