When Should A Prenuptial Agreement Be Considered?

A prenuptial agreement should be considered in almost every case. I do prenuptial agreements, and I encourage people to consider entering into a prenuptial agreement. That doesn’t mean that you think that your marriage is going to fail, but it’s important to define your rights and obligations going into a marriage, and a lot of times in the context of a prenuptial agreement, the couple has a dialogue about who is going to pay for what, how are things going to be handled, what are your assets, what are your liabilities, and people have a dialogue about what their life together financially is going to look like.

I would encourage people to do a prenuptial agreement. Prenuptial agreements are especially important for older couples, couples who’ve been married before, or couples who have children from a prior relationship, so are you going to want to split up your 401(k) or your pension with the other party if the divorce happens? How are you going to handle a house that you owned prior to the marriage? It’s really important to think about these issues and really consider coming in and getting a prenuptial agreement. The actual cost is not that huge compared to the cost of a divorce case, so give me a call. Come in. Talk to me about a prenuptial agreement.I think it’s a good idea in most circumstances, and encourage you to consider entering into a prenuptial agreement.