What Are The Rights Of A Father Who Is Not On The Birth Certificate?

You can file either a paternity action or an action for allocation of parental responsibilities. As part of that proceeding, if it’s a disputed fact you can ask that a paternity test be done to establish paternity with your child. You can move forward with a court proceeding. If the question of whether or not you’re the dad is an issue, you can ask for a paternity test. There’s no prejudice to you for asking for a paternity test. Then assuming you are indeed the father of the child, you can then ask for child support and a parenting time order to be established. You can have a specific schedule established regarding when you’re going to see your child, what holidays and vacation parenting time is going to look like, and how major decisions are handled for the child. We encourage joint decision making and co-parenting whenever possible because we have determined that in most instances, that is in the child’s best interest. Absolutely come in and see me. We can see about establishing your rights as a dad.