Should I Tell My Children About My Child Custody Case?

Well, yes and no. First off, children are going to know if you’re separating from your husband, or your partner, or your spouse. You need to talk to the children about the fact that mommy and daddy, or mommy-mommy, or daddy or daddy, depending on the circumstances, aren’t going to be together anymore. It doesn’t mean that either parent doesn’t love the child. You want to make the children feel secure. If there’s going to be a change in living situation, you need to talk to the children about that.

Otherwise, I would encourage you not to get the children involved in any sort of child custody case. Do not disparage the other parent to the children. Do not talk bad about them. Try to be supportive of the other parents in going through this process. Even if your relationship with the other parent is strained, please don’t put your children in the middle of that. It’s stressful enough when your parents separate. Then if you involve the children in your divorce, or parenting issue, you’re putting added stress on the children. That’s not a good idea. That would not be looked favorably by the Court.

Let your children know what’s happening, but do keep them protected from the specifics of your child custody case.