The Benefits of Divorce Coaching and Pre-Planning

The Benefits of Divorce Coaching and Pre-Planning

Divorce coaching and pre-planning is a tool that you can use in a situation where you are uncertain about your present relationship. Perhaps you are going through marriage counseling, but it’s not working out. You’re trying to save your marriage, but you’re concerned. You want to get some advice about your rights in the event that you do decide to proceed with the dissolution of marriage or if the other party decides to go ahead and file for dissolution of marriage.

Divorce coaching is a situation where you will come in and we’ll sit down and we’ll review your unique situation. I can go through and talk about your budget, about your current living arrangement. We can talk about your income, expenses, practical aspects to consider, for example, where are you going to live or are you going to want to try to keep the house if you own one. We can run child support worksheets. We can run maintenance worksheets which is alimony worksheets. We can look at the financial picture. We can talk about steps that you might want to take if you have children, for example, we could talk about what a typical parenting plan looks like, what decision making looks like.

Perhaps you have a concern about your spouse that that person is abusing alcohol or drugs. We can talk about how to handle that. What are safeguards that can be put in place by the court, should you decide to go ahead and file for dissolution of marriage.

We can talk about how to divide up the assets. I work with a team of financial planners and I can refer you to a certified financial planner that can look at your individual situation in order to help you decide what you are going to need in order to maintain your lifestyle moving forward.

Basically divorce coaching and pre-planning is an option that you have. It’s a flat fee situation. You just pay for a block of my time. You aren’t obligated to hire Lewis and Matthews after that session is over with, but you will leave that session empowered with a lot of information that is valuable in moving forward. Regardless of whether or not you decide to file a petition for dissolution of marriage, at least you know your rights. Knowing your rights and feeling empowered is one of the most important things that you can do moving forward.

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