What Are Common Mistakes Made During the Divorce Process?

The biggest mistake, quite frankly, that people make is not seeking out legal advice. Maybe you don’t have the money to hire an attorney to represent you through all stages of the process, but you should definitely do at least one consultation with an attorney to discuss your rights and liabilities moving forward.

Please come in and see me. I can do a consultation with you for my hourly rate. We can sit down and discuss your unique situation. You don’t have to hire me, you would just pay for my time during that consultation, my hourly rate is $285. My consultations usually last a little more than an hour. I can run child support worksheets, I can do maintenance worksheets, we can talk about how we can handle the house if you have one, how we can handle your retirement accounts. Then you can feel empowered having that knowledge and then you can decide do I want to hire Ms. Lewis to represent me, do I want to do something else moving forward, but at least you have that information and you can feel empowered by having that knowledge.