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Colorado Divorce Modifications

You may be wondering if you are able to change or modify what a Court has already ruled on in your family law case.

In many cases individuals have had their circumstances change since the Court’s initial ruling and want to know if the Court’s ruling can be modified to match their changed circumstances. This question usually arises around child support, maintenance, parenting time or decision-making but it could occur with any ruling of the Court.

In many cases Court rulings can be changed when the circumstances directly affecting those decisions have significantly changed.

It is also possible to appeal the decision of the court under certain circumstances. You may also ask the Court to reconsider their decision. There are short time frames associated with your being able to bring an Appeal or a Motion for Reconsideration so it is best to speak to a Family Law Attorney immediately following a final ruling by the Court.

Appeals and Requests for Reconsideration

If you had a final hearing on your divorce and there were contested matters ruled on by the judge, you have the right to appeal the judge’s decisions on legal issues if you believe the law was applied incorrectly. You also have the right to ask the Court to reconsider their decision.

An Appeal or a Motion for Reconsideration may or may not be appropriate in your case depending on all the circumstances. Both of these possible actions have short time limits within which to file. You should consult a family law attorney immediately following your Permanent Orders Hearing to determine if you want to move forward with an Appeal or a Motion for Reconsideration.

If you would like to ask one of our attorneys a question about a modifications or an appeal or if you would like to skip that step and come in for a consultation, we encourage you to do so immediately following your Permanent Orders Hearing. The longer you wait to speak to a Colorado family law attorney the higher your chances are of inadvertently giving up your legal rights.