What is divorce coaching and pre planning?

Divorce Assessment, Pre-Planning, and Coaching

Sometimes people are not ready to move forward with a divorce but they have reached a place where they need help with clarifying their issues and understanding what would happen if they did choose to move forward with a divorce. Our Divorce Assessment, Pre-Planning, and Coaching practice is designed to give people who are contemplating divorce the information, education and coaching they need to:

  • Clarify their issues
  • Take action to resolve those issues
  • Make smart and informed decisions about the choice to divorce
  • Pre-plan for divorce if needed
  • If they decide to move forward, make smart choices on how to begin the divorce process and what resolution method to use

Our commitment is to give people what they need to make wise choices. The decision to divorce is a major life decision and should be made only with full understanding of the issues, the process, the commitment, the potential pitfalls of divorce, and options for resolution.

When there are children involved, the choice to divorce is accompanied by a long term co-parenting challenge necessary to support the health and well being of the children in the post divorce family system. These elements are fully explored as part of the decision making process as well as the strategy to divorce in a way that allows for that continued parenting partnership.