What Is It That Distinguishes Lewis & Matthews as a Law Firm?

There’s lots of actors to say what’s better and what’s worse. I think it’s important to note what is different about us and why we might be right for you.

We are very customized in our approach to divorce. There’s certain things every person should expect from an attorney. You should expect that they’re up on the law. You should expect that they know the judges. You should expect that they know other family lawyers in town and would be able to understand who they’re dealing with on the other side, if there’s a lawyer on the other side of your case. Those are expectations, and we fulfill on all those expectations.

Then what I think we bring to the table that’s a little different is that we believe very strongly in strategy and that each case is very distinct and not only has legal issues but each case has psychological issues. When you’re looking at the long-term health and well-being of a family post-divorce, especially if there are children involved, you’re really looking at a lot of psychological issues about what is best. What is best for the children? How can the parents get along long-term? Where is this going to look like ten years from now? What is this going to look like five years from now? We don’t want to just deal with the upset of the moment. We want to look short and long-term strategy in the case.

It takes time to understand the family dynamics. Here at Lewis & Matthews we take that time. We strategize on our cases starting at the very beginning with our first meeting, which we call a strategy meeting. We’re going to talk about not only the legal issues but all the other issues. We call it a 360-degree strategy meeting because we’re looking at everything to see how do we proceed in the case in the best way for long-term success, and what are factors that are important. What would you take a stand about and what would you maybe not take a stand about depending on the long-term health and well-being of the family? Customization, strategy, very important here at the firm for every single case.

The other thing that distinguishes us is the way we manage our cases. We have an attorney that is assigned to the case. We also have a paralegal that’s assigned to the case, but every week we meet for two to three hours to review at least half of our cases in that meeting. In your particular case, your case is going to get reviewed probably once every two weeks because we have too many cases to review all of them in a week.

We sit down at a case management meeting and we review case by case what’s going on, what the to do list is, where we are, what’s working, what’s not working, do we need to change our strategy. Everyone in the firm is in that meeting, so you get the benefit of not only your attorney and your paralegal, but all the other attorneys in the firm as well thinking about working on and designing what’s best as a next move in your case, or if there needs to be a strategy change in your case. You don’t get charged for all the other attorneys. You only get charged for the time your attorney has spent on it, but you get the benefit of all the attorneys in the office. I think that really does distinguish us. I’m not sure that’s done very often in family law firms.

Those are the two things I would say really distinguish Lewis & Matthews. You can expect that we care very, very much about what’s going on in your life with your case and you’re not just another number on our sheet, essentially.  For more information about filing for divorce, how divorce works, or any other family law matters in Colorado, call us at (303) 329-3802.