What is an uncontested divorce in Colorado?

To be honest with you, an uncontested divorce is the best kind of divorce. It means that there’s nothing that you’re fighting over that you have to go to court for and have a judge to make a determination on. In other words, you’ve gone through your divorce process but you and your spouse have been able to reach an agreement on all of the important factors of your divorce. That includes your parenting plan, all of the issues surrounding how you’re going to deal with the children, all of the issues surrounding child support, and maintenance, if these are important in the case. Then, you’re able to go to court with your final agreements, and the judge essentially is going to just agree to what you and your spouse have agreed to, unless there’s something completely onerous or wrong with it.

In most cases, the judge will rubber stamp what you’ve agreed too. You may or may not have to go in and see the judge for a final hearing. That depends on whether or not you have attorneys and whether there are child issues involved. In most uncontested divorces, you’ll be able to avoid going to court altogether. Your divorce agreement will become an order of the court just as written.

Alternatively, A contested divorce means that there’s something that you’re going to have to have the judge decide and you’re going to have to go to court to have the judge make a ruling – that’s the distinction between the two different types of divorces.

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