What Rights do I have During a Divorce in Colorado?

What Rights do I have During a Divorce in Colorado?

If you’re asking this question, the answer that I think you really need is that you should probably invest time in coming in and sitting down to really go over the facts of your particular case, and find out what the strengths and weaknesses of your case are, as well as what you could expect from a court if you couldn’t come to an agreement.

The other thing that might be at the top of your mind is “Am I going to get a fair settlement in this case? My spouse may be recommending something like a 50/50 spit of everything. Is that right, or do I have a right to more than that?”. Again, the answer to this depends on the facts and circumstances of your case. My recommendation, if your question really is “What are my rights,” is to invest a little bit of money in getting some clear answers about:

  • How would your case proceed?
  • What kind of child support you would get?
  • What kind of maintenance/alimony might be appropriate in your case?
  • What kind of assets and debts do you have?
  • How would those asset and debts be split by a court of law?

There’s no generalized answer to any of that, but I am happy to sit down with you and spend an hour and really look at it; with the benefit of you now being educated in what your divorce may look like. It’s not a black box anymore, something unknown and scary. It’s something that you can either choose to do or not; maybe you have no choice in the matter, but you won’t be sitting there not knowing how it’s going to go.

Come in, sit down. I’ll spend the time with you and listen, and give you good advice on might or might not happen in your case.