What you should look for in a good divorce lawyer?

What you should look for in a good divorce lawyer? That’s a really good question.

I think, first of all, obviously a referral from someone you know is a great way because they’ve used the person. It really helps tremendously, if you know someone who can refer you to someone.

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Let’s say you don’t have that option, at that point you’re going to need to shop for an attorney essentially. You’ll be able to find most significant family law firms in town on the internet by doing some sort of search. Search for “Denver divorce attorney” or words such as that, and then once you find people over the internet, my recommendation is: 1) you call them and see whether they’re willing to speak with you. I know that at our firm, I talk to everybody that calls. If they call, I speak with them whether they can afford a lawyer or not. I’m willing to do a free consultation over the phone, and not everyone is. That’s going to be your first cut is to see whether people are wiling to speak with you and be interested in your case and interested in you as a human being.

The second thing would be to go ahead and invest in spending the money to come in and meet with more than one attorney. Sit down and talk about your case and see whether or not you get a good feel from them, whether they’re partnership-oriented with you. Pay attention to whether they are listening well, whether they’re strategizing to your specific circumstances and not just what they always do, and whether they can really understand what you’re trying to say, and whether they’re working at getting who your are and what your needs are.

I would do two or three of those, and then hopefully find someone that you feel is a really good fit. That’s my best advice on how to find a lawyer. For more information about filing for divorce, how divorce works, or any other family law matters in Colorado, call us at 303-329-3802.