Why Use Matthews and Matthews for Your Divorce?

Not all divorce lawyers in Colorado are equal. Our founding partners went through painful divorces. Their personal experience prompted them to create divorce services that consider aspects of your case other attorneys do not even attempt to understand

Colorado Divorce 360 Produces Better Long Term Results

Divorce in Denver, especially when children are involved, can have an impact on every member of your family for 20 or 30 years. A truly successful outcome requires a 360 degree approach that considers the law, the emotional issues, and the financial impact.

Most Denver divorce lawyers focus only on the legal issues of your case. This myopic focus often creates short term wins at the expense of your long-term happiness.

Leslie Matthews pioneered the Dual Mutual Release. This special document, which as far as we can tell is not used by any other attorney in Colorado, allows us to work closely with your marriage therapist in ways that greatly improve your performance during depositions and trials.

Furthermore, we work with a special financial expert that can help you organize financial documents and create a plan to protect your family from financial hardship both during and long after your divorce is finalized.

Custom Strategies Leverage Our Knowledge of Colorado Judges

From day one, our Colorado divorce law specialists work with you to craft a strategy that combines your wishes with our knowledge of local judges’ tendencies. The result is a Colorado divorce strategy that is custom tailored to produce the best possible results with the least amount of “brain” damage and expense.

If emotions run hot, you will have the peace of mind and confidence that comes from having a premeditated strategy.

Reduce Legal Fees and Keep Your Divorce Moving Quickly

  1. QuickTrack Case Management System
    Everyone in our firm—including the receptionist—discusses every case every week. This procedure is unheard of in most firms. Tasks do not fall through the cracks, and your case moves through the courts as fast as humanly possible.
  2. Colorado Divorce Organizer Helps You Stay In Control
    Our attorneys have developed a unique binder that helps you organize your documents, manage your court dates, and communicate with us in ways that reduce your legal fees.
  3. Electronic Documents and Virtual Meetings Save You Time
    Whether you are a busy professional or a busy stay at home parent, we know that traveling to our office for meetings can be challenging. We use the latest technology to flex with your schedule.
  4. First Class Response Time and Quick Access to Your Attorney
    We have created an efficient communication and customer service process that provides the level of attention you demand and deserve. Learn more about our superior client service by scheduling a consultation.