Why Use Lewis & Matthews for Child Custody Issues

Skilled Colorado Divorce Attorneys Watching Out For You and Your Children

divorce is difficult and the effects can be felt for decades after the marriage officially ends. When spouses have children, the stakes are even higher and the possibility of long-lasting emotional damage is high.

Our founding partners experienced the anguish of divorce and all of the painful mental and emotional repercussions that accompanied it. They were driven to create a unique and innovative service that provides top-notch legal services, all while keeping your mental and emotional well being the utmost priority.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Colorado Divorce Attorneys

Our Unique and Innovative 360-Degree Approach

It is all too easy for a common Colorado divorce lawyer to only focus on the legal aspects of your case and to fail to consider the other impacts that a divorce has on your everyday life and well being. This tunnel-vision strategy can have severe impacts on your life for decades to come. Our 360 Degree Approach incorporates not only a legal strategy by a team of veteran family law attorneys, but also places an equal weight on your financial and emotional health. This combination ensures that the best outcome arises out of a less-than-ideal situation.

We Are Familiar With The Judges and Their Propensities

Our lead partner has over ten years of trial experience relating to child custody matters and plays a role in creating an effective strategy in every case that involves children. There is no substitute for knowing how a judge may rule before you even step into court. Though this is impossible to know with absolute certainty, our experienced divorce attorneys have practiced in front of local family law judges for years. This experience allows us to craft a strategy that is sure to be effective in a local family court.

We Will Advocate For a Settlement But Are Ready to Fight For You If Need Be

Our attorneys will always try to come to an agreement with your spouse or their attorney, but are ready to battle for you in court. Our attorneys have spent a great deal of their career in court and have the skills to effectively and zealously advocate for your best interests.

To make sure that your case receives the attention that it deserves, our managing partner, Jennifer Lewis tracks each case personally and touches base with every member of the firm (including staff). This dedication to service is unheard of in the rest of the legal industry and is what sets us apart from the crowd.