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Estate Planning and Why It’s Important

Estate planning is an important strategy that involves making the necessary arrangements so that your assets go to the right beneficiaries if you were to become mentally incapacitated or pass away. While not everyone is comfortable thinking about their mortality, death is a fact of life. One of the questions you must ask yourself is, […]

Prenups: What You Need to Know & Why You Should Have One

Millions of people get married in the U.S. every year, and as marriage has evolved overtime, more people are considering prenups than before. Whether you first heard about a prenup in a song or in a celebrity divorce scandal, these agreements are no longer just for the super famous or uber wealthy. With half of […]

What if You Are Not Married but Have a Child Together?

Colorado Non-Married Parents Allocation of Responsibilities Even if two parents have never been married, they both still retain rights similar to those enjoyed by parents who were once married. Additionally, they can still seek a legal agreement dictating the custody (parenting time, decision-making) of their child—this is what is called “Allocation of Parental Responsibilities”. After […]

Do Grandparents Have Custody and Visitation Rights In Colorado?

In Colorado, grandparents do have the right for grandchild custody and visitation. There is a statute that allows grandparents to file a motion and establish their visitation in the county the grandchild resides. However, this can be difficult. The motion must be filed as an underlying action under such things as dissolution of marriage between […]

How Courts Decide Parenting Time in Colorado

Going through a divorce is stressful.  While dividing property and other assets can be contentious, the issue that many couples struggle most with is how to divide custody and who gets decision-making control.  If you don’t come to an agreement on your own or through mediation, the court will issue binding orders that you are […]

What To Do When Dealing with Parental Kidnapping

What is parental kidnapping and what should you do if it happens? Parental kidnapping is essentially what it sounds like and is no different from any other kind of kidnapping. In this case, a parent is seeking to take the children away from their legal guardian, hold them secretly, and prevent you from asserting your […]

Can You Be Common Law Married In Colorado?

Can you be common law married in Colorado? Yes, you can be common law married in Colorado. It’s actually easier to be common law married in Colorado than it is in a lot of other states. We have a very simple law regarding it. In order to be common law married you have to live […]

What is Alimony or Maintenance Income in Colorado?

We use the word maintenance rather than alimony income in Colorado because it is need based, not punishment based or anything else. During the process, you have to show that you have a need for maintenance or alimony. This is awarded based upon your need and your ex-spouses’ ability to pay. There’s a formula used to calculate […]

What Is A Temporary Custody Order?

So, when a case is filed there will be an initial status conference set and the court will want to know whether or not you need to have temporary orders entered into your case. Temporary orders address custody issues while we’re moving forward towards our final hearing, so a temporary custody order can be one […]

The Cost of Divorce or Child Custody Cases

How Much Will My Divorce or Child Custody Case Cost? The easy answer to that is it depends. Family law attorneys who deal with divorce and child custody cases, typically charge by the hour, so the more contested your case is, the more it’s going to cost you. We typically require a retainer to be […]