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How Does Divorce Affect Women?

Going through a divorce is one of the most stressful life events that anybody will ever endure, and for women, the burden can feel intolerable at times. It is not just about the breakdown of a marriage; in many cases, it also means the separation of a family. Although modern women are just as likely […]

Guardianship and the concept of in-loco parentis

Guardianship is a legal arrangement that prioritizes the wellbeing of vulnerable individuals who are unable to care for themselves due to incapacity, age or other influencing factors by granting responsibility for their care and decision-making to another individual who is best placed to do so. Establishing guardianship, whether it is of a minor [1] or […]

What Happens When Co-Parenting Decrees Are Violated

Co-parenting with your ex can be challenging, even when the relationship breakdown is well in the past and there is no animosity between you. Disputes and misunderstandings can arise between even the most amiable couples, so it is not surprising that co-parenting decrees can be violated, causing emotional turmoil, guilt and frustration. Co-parenting law in […]

Living together during a divorce

Times are tough and many divorcing couples are finding that they cannot afford to go their separate ways until their assets and finances are legally separated. In some cases, the family home must be sold and its proceeds split so a divorcing couple can live separately. This means that an increasing number of Americans are […]

The Impact of Divorce on Women’s Economic Wellbeing

Divorce is a significant change in a person’s life, and one area in which many women are profoundly affected is their financial wellbeing. Transitioning from shared financial responsibilities to managing solo can be challenging and overwhelming. There are many ways in which divorce can affect a woman’s financial stability. Here is a look at the […]

The Challenges that Women Face During a Divorce

Of the 50 states, Colorado has the 15th highest divorce rate [1], with most divorces being attributed to a lack of family support, infidelity, incompatibility and financial stress [2]. Divorce is an emotionally complex process that impacts the divorcees, their children and their lifestyle. Although it is common these days for women to be financially […]

Can you decline the role of executor?

Being named as the executor of someone’s last will and testament means you will be responsible for protecting their assets, paying their debts and making sure their nominated beneficiaries receive the inheritance to which they are entitled.  Being an executor is a long-term commitment You will need to follow the law and work with the […]

When Business Owners Divorce

Every divorce is emotionally challenging and involves its own individual complications. One such complication is when either or both parties of the divorcing couple own a business, either individually or together. There are many factors to consider when business owners divorce, including a slew of legal and financial aspects. One key way of simplifying this […]

Demystifying Mediation

Many areas of family law involve getting through difficult conversations to arrive at a sensible outcome. Whether the topic is divorce, estate planning or child custody, an attorney will often recommend that their client attend mediation. What is mediation? Mediation is a form of dispute resolution that aims to resolve conflicts outside of the courtroom. […]

The Perils of Jointly Inheriting an Asset

When a loved one dies, their assets and wealth will be distributed in accordance with their wishes, which will be detailed in their last will and testament. In some instances, though, contention can arise when an asset is left to two or more parties, and they must establish some fair way of sharing it, or […]