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How Courts Decide Parenting Time in Colorado

Going through a divorce is stressful.  While dividing property and other assets can be contentious, the issue that many couples struggle most with is how to divide custody and who gets decision-making control.  If you don’t come to an agreement on your own or through mediation, the court will issue binding orders that you are […]

What To Do When Dealing with Parental Kidnapping

What is parental kidnapping and what should you do if it happens? Parental kidnapping is essentially what it sounds like and is no different from any other kind of kidnapping. In this case, a parent is seeking to take the children away from their legal guardian, hold them secretly, and prevent you from asserting your […]

What Are My Rights As An Unmarried Father?

Navigating the legal system for child custody as an unmarried father can be challenging. Several factors need to be considered when evaluating rights and responsibilities for fathers and families. It’s important to know which documents and regulations apply for your situation and location of residence.  Every situation is unique and our experienced team of experts […]

What Is A Temporary Custody Order?

So, when a case is filed there will be an initial status conference set and the court will want to know whether or not you need to have temporary orders entered into your case. Temporary orders address custody issues while we’re moving forward towards our final hearing, so a temporary custody order can be one […]

The Cost of Divorce or Child Custody Cases

How Much Will My Divorce or Child Custody Case Cost? The easy answer to that is it depends. Family law attorneys who deal with divorce and child custody cases, typically charge by the hour, so the more contested your case is, the more it’s going to cost you. We typically require a retainer to be […]

What Is An Automatic Temporary Injunction?

Once a divorce case is filed or a case for legal separation, the court issues an automatic temporary injunction connected to the summons. In the summons, there is an injunction that prohibits you from disposing of assets, except in the ordinary course of business, from disparaging, harassing, molesting the other party and from taking the […]

What Are The Rights Of A Father Who Is Not On The Birth Certificate?

You can file either a paternity action or an action for allocation of parental responsibilities. As part of that proceeding, if it’s a disputed fact you can ask that a paternity test be done to establish paternity with your child. You can move forward with a court proceeding. If the question of whether or not […]

What To Do If A Parent Is Preventing Child Visits

What should someone do if one parent is preventing visits with their child? The first thing you need to look at is whether or not there is a parenting plan in place because that is what we’re seeking to enforce. If there’s no parenting plan in place, then either parent has an equal right to […]

When Do Children Become Emancipated?

In Colorado, child support goes until the child turns 19. So for at least for child support purposes, a child is emancipated when the child turns 19. In many instances, a child would have graduated from high school and might even attending college, but still, there will be a child support order. Child support can […]

Visitation and Child Support

If child support payments are not being made, should child visitation continue? Actually these are two separate issues. Whether or not you’re paying child support or receiving child support is a separate issue from parenting time. This is a mistake that a lot of parents make. They think that because one parent is not paying […]