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Seasoned Child Support Lawyers

Divorce is a trying time for all parties involved. On top of the financial and emotional burden, clients in a divorce or custody battle also need to come to an agreement regarding final compensation to aid with the expenses of their child. It’s best to work with experienced Colorado child support lawyers to ensure that […]

How Is Child Support Determined In Colorado

How does the judge decide who will pay child support (and how much)? The judge will calculate the child support amount with a pre-determined formula (Colorado Child Support Guidelines). Unless someone presents evidence of special circumstances, that amount will stand. Both mother and father are equally responsible for the support of the minor children, and […]

How do you modify your current child support

Colorado Child Support Modification Individuals paying or receiving child support often have questions concerning their ability to modify the child support payments that were originally ordered by the Court. Process for modifying child support in Colorado Child support payments are always modifiable if certain conditions are met to the satisfaction of the Court. Factors considered […]

How do you enforce your current child support

Enforcement of Child Support in Colorado Individuals that have been awarded child support often have concerns over whether the other party will consistently make child support payments and what they can do if those payments stop. Child support is an order of the Court. When a Court order is not followed, the Court has broad […]

What Are My Rights As An Unmarried Father?

Navigating the legal system for child custody as an unmarried father can be challenging. Several factors need to be considered when evaluating rights and responsibilities for fathers and families. It’s important to know which documents and regulations apply for your situation and location of residence.  Every situation is unique and our experienced team of experts […]

What Are The Rights Of A Father Who Is Not On The Birth Certificate?

You can file either a paternity action or an action for allocation of parental responsibilities. As part of that proceeding, if it’s a disputed fact you can ask that a paternity test be done to establish paternity with your child. You can move forward with a court proceeding. If the question of whether or not […]

When Do Children Become Emancipated?

In Colorado, child support goes until the child turns 19. So for at least for child support purposes, a child is emancipated when the child turns 19. In many instances, a child would have graduated from high school and might even attending college, but still, there will be a child support order. Child support can […]

Visitation and Child Support

If child support payments are not being made, should child visitation continue? Actually these are two separate issues. Whether or not you’re paying child support or receiving child support is a separate issue from parenting time. This is a mistake that a lot of parents make. They think that because one parent is not paying […]

What Is A Child and Family Investigator v. Parental Responsibilities Evaluation?

What is a Child and Family Investigator (CFI) as compared to a Parental Responsibilities Evaluation (PRE)?  So when do you need one of these experts? The court can appoint a CFI or a PRE if there are disputes regarding parenting time, decision making, what is in the best interests of the child. A Child and […]

Can I Request Back Child Support During An Initial Hearing?

It depends on what your situation is and whether or not there is a paternity case, an allocation of parental responsibility’s case, or a dissolution of marriage case. Basically, what we look at is the date that the case was filed. So for example, in a dissolution of marriage case, we look at the date […]